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Do you need a septic tank home buyers survey?

Do you need a septic tank home buyers survey?

The majority of solicitors dealing with a house purchase will advise you obtain a septic tank survey. This is to protect you as the new homeowner from any unwanted problems and help you to understand exactly what you are taking on as the new homeowner. 

How important is a septic tank home buyers survey? 

It’s very difficult to get an understanding of the particular sewage system you are going to be responsible for without having a full survey. The reason for this is the drains and tank are all underground and not visual. There is many regulations that apply to septic tanks and their locations. If you don’t understand exactly what system you have and how it operates then as the new home owner it could become very costly to update or replace should the system you take on not be compliant. 

What will a septic tank drainage survey tell me? 

If you obtain a Willpower Environmental septic tank home buyers drainage survey then you will have a full understanding of the underground system you are taking on. 

What is included in a septic tank home buyers drainage survey ?

  • 1. A full site diagram with tank location

  • 2. Measurements of the tank to ensure the tank size is sufficient

  • 3. Checks to ensure the tank meets regulations

  • 4. Full condition report showing the tank structure and working condition

  • 5. Any work recommendations including costs involved

  • 6. Tank damage report which may show problems